Adam’s story: PTSD recovery journey

My journey to recover from developmental trauma with Neurofeedback

“Just over two years ago I began psychotherapy for developmental trauma. Since then I have done somatic therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems therapy, and traditional mindfulness exercises such as meditation and yoga.

These therapies have helped me tremendously and I would recommend them to anyone who is on their journey to heal from PTSD.

Still, after two years, I started to feel that my progress was slowing and decided to look for more therapy options. I first discovered neurofeedback training while reading Bessel van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” and thought I’d give it a go.

After some research I came across BrainTrainUT and booked a consultation. From the very start, I found the people at BrainTrainUT to be extremely friendly and approachable, which I really appreciated as I have often struggled with anxiety in social situations as a result of my trauma.

During the consultation I was able to ask any questions I had and was offered a trial session with the neurofeedback apparatus. After that, my practitioner worked with me to create a training plan that fitted my therapy needs as well as my budget and schedule.

My training program was flexible and was shaped around my ongoing development.

Throughout the program, I felt well looked after and that my comfort was the main priority. I had progress reviews every session to make sure everything was going well.

Now, as a result of the training, I feel significantly more organized and focused in my goals, and I’m in an all-round calmer, happier state of mind. More than that, I feel renewed optimism regarding my trauma recovery and my future in general.

I now view neurofeedback training as an essential part of my therapy, and I only wish I had come across it sooner. I am very grateful to the folks at BrainTrainUT and for how they have helped me, and I would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking to use neurofeedback to address PTSD.”

Adam, age 32, October 2016.


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