Intensive Neurofeedback Training in beautiful locations

Neurofeedback Retreats

Experience Neurofeedback Training at its most intensive, in beautiful locations.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 19.25.52In October 2014 we ran our first Neurofeedback Retreat, in Carbis Bay, near St. Ives in West Cornwall.

Whether for peak performance or therapeutic reasons or both, experience tells us that the more intensive the training programme, the more powerful the results.

This is probably the most intensive Neurofeedback training after Jim Hardt’s BioCybernaut Institute, which starts at $15,000 per person.

Our launch pricing is much more affordable, at £1,500 for 7 days of Neurofeedback plus accommodation costs.


Upcoming  Retreats

October 2015 –  Carbis Bay, Cornwall

If you would like to go on the mailing list to be the first to find out about the next retreat in Conrnwall, send us a message here. We welcome groups of friends keen to try Neurofeedback.

Autumn 2015 – Sedona, Arizona

Please contact us if you are interested in pre-registering your interest for a retreat in the amazing Sedona, Arizona.








Sedona is believed by many to be a powerful energy centre, with a number of energy ‘vortexes’ that can literally be felt by intuitive individuals.

We are planning a retreat that combines Neurofeedback and guided tours to the vortexes, and bringing both together to create a unique ‘NeuroVortex Experience’. We will also be offering spiritual practices and Yoga.

Register your interest here.

Bell-Rock-Sedona-Vortex-292x200Sedona Vortex Map

Read more about Sedona’s Vortexes here.

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