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Many thanks to these clients and their families for telling their stories:

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.04.03Phoebe Olen is a 5 year-old severely autistic girl who spoke and recognised her brother for the first time after neurofeedback treatment with BrainTrainUT.

Read Phoebe’s story here.




Ella's Symptom Tracking ChartElla is a 23 year old who suffered 10 years from chronic insomnia and depression. In Ella’s words, ‘Neurofeedback saved my life‘. No longer does she lie awake at night or fall asleep on the train and miss her stop. But the benefits of a well regulated brain go beyond this – she reports being much better at problem solving and dealing with things that would have caused panic attacks in the past.

Read Ella’s story here.


Miko & Aggie

Mikolaj Krasnodebski is a 10 year old boy born completely deaf who suffered complications following surgery for his deafness, whose life was changed after neurofeedback treatment with BrainTrainUT.

Read Miko’s story here.




raquel_abreuRaquel Abreu became a professional Patient Advocate after experiencing the power of neurofeedback to resolve her Chronic Fatigue, Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. After her last 20 sessions of neurofeedback with BrainTrainUT her fatigue has gone and she has “amazing energy”.

Read Raquel’s story here.


Adam is a 32-year old man who came to BrainTrainUT after reading Bessel Van der Kolk’s ‘The Body Keeps the Score’, and his other therapies seemed to be making slow progress.  He now sees neurofeedback as “an essential part of my therapy, and I only wish I had come across it sooner.”

Read Adam’s story here.

Sue Lane


Sue Lane is an airline worker who suffered severe migraines for 28 years and feared losing her job due to the time she took off sick. After neurofeedback treatment with BrainTrainUT she hasn’t been sick for months.

Read Sue’s story here.



IMG_1045Martin Bauer is an IT Programme Director who suffered post-concussion syndrome when his taxi crashed into a van. He was forced to go to part-time working due to splitting headaches, mood swings and fatigue. After neurofeedback with BrainTrainUT he has seen significant symptom relief and expects to be back in full-time work soon.

Read Martin’s story here.




Jim is a 21 year-old student on the autistic spectrum who was so affected by anxiety that he would not visit new places. After his parents found out about neurofeedback from a friend in California, he decided to try it.

Jim responded rapidly, but it was important to continue to embed the learning and get through the stress of returning to college

Jim responded rapidly, but it was important to continue to embed the learning and get through the stress of returning to college

His symptoms showed rapid improvement almost as soon as he started neurofeedback with BrainTrainUT, and they continued to improve his resilience through the period of returning to college, which would previously have been a very anxious time.

Read Jim’s story here.

Aldona croppedAldona is an ambitious career women who was looking for clarity on what her next career step should be. She found Neurofeedback gave her a whole new perspective on life. “I became more patient and adaptable, more effective at achieving my objectives.” In her own words ““Neurofeedback enabled me to change my dream into reality. I’m living my dream now and it’s just a beginning of an amazing journey.”

Read Aldona’s story here.

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