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“BrainTrain” Practitioners

The BrainTrain International group is uncompromising in their selection of potential practitioners and have strict entry criteria. A Masters degree in a related subject is a prerequisite, unless you have many years of highly-relevant clinical experience (e.g. Nurse Practitioner).

To associate with “BrainTrain” practitioners must demonstrate a proven ability to work within a client-practitioner relationship and be able to cope with the challenges presented to those relationships within the field of mental health.

“BrainTrain’s” training approach models that of leading medical schools, to support our unique multiple modality approach to Biofeedback and Applied Neuroscience and our multi-disciplinary culture.

Technical classroom training on the technology is an essential part of the process and consists of special courses, using external and in-house training. Even more important are clinical methodology and practical training and the essential skills that make an effective and trustworthy clinician, through shadowing, case studies, operational and client relationship training, and ongoing support from the leading practices in the world.

At BrainTrainUT, not only do they have our own internal support, they also have direct support from the world’s leaders in the field from clinical, scientific, engineering and research disciplines. The support network includes Susan Othmer, described by the Biofeedback Federation of Europe as ‘the world’s most respected clinician’, Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth and Dr. David A Kaiser.

“BrainTrain” views Neurofeedback as an important part of medicine that the medical community are still learning about. We complement and augment conventional medicine, spend a lot of time collaborating with the existing healthcare system; “BrainTrain” has a strong relationships with world-leading Dieticians, General Practitioners and Specialist Consultants.

“BrainTrain’s” experience at the highest levels of private and public healthcare means we lead the field in integrating Neurofeedback with your overall healthcare experience.

Meet BrainTrainUT Practitioner

Aaron F Gardner, MA, LCMHC  – Neurofeedback Practitioner – Ogden and Logan

Aaron has close to 30 years of broad professional experience having worked extensively with couples, families, and individuals.Aaron Gardner

Aaron is well-known in the professional community for his counseling and neurotherapy expertise.  In February, 2008, Aaron presented at the NATSAP Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia, on the Neuropsychobiological Considerations of Trauma Treatment in Residential Programs.  In 2010, Aaron trained in the Othmer Method of Neurofeedback Training and has amassed extensive experience utilizing this form of functional enhancement of the central nervous system.

Not only has Aaron provided some 20,000 hours of neurofeedback to a broad range of clients, he actively provides consultation to other neurofeedback practitioners.  Aaron is very passionate about neurofeedback and has presented informative trainings and consultations to various clinical groups, government agencies, and professional conferences.

In July, 2017, Aaron presented at the Advanced Clinical Summit of Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, California, on Successful Elimination of Adolescent Enuresis.

In June, 2018 Aaron presented at the Advanced Clinical Summit of Neurofeedback in Los Angeles, California, on Neurofeedback “Awakening” of Late Stage Dementia: Mixed Benefits and Outcome.

Aaron continues to be actively involved with the international community of Neurofeedback practitioners and continues to help pioneer advancements in the field.

As an adjunct treatment method for resolution of disturbances associated with various traumas, anxiety, affective disorders, and some issues of addiction, Aaron offers his clients the technique of Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), having completed advanced specialized training. 

Over the years, Aaron has facilitated resolution of marital discord as well as having helped numerous couples enhance their intimacy and reestablish trust.  Aaron has helped numerous individuals afflicted by migraines, seizure disorders, traumatic brain injuries, autism and developmental disorders; likewise, he has helped alleviate distress faced by individuals experiencing emotional, behavioral, academic, attention, and impulsive disorders.

1992, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

1995, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Saint Martin’s University, Lacey, Washington.


If you have any questions about the experience or clinical standards of our staff and practitioners, please pick up the phone. Our service is 100% open and transparent and we’d be happy to speak with you. Please call BrainTrainUT at (801) 686-9334.

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