The BrainTrainUT Training Program

Clinically guided approach: Client-centered based on your needs

Initial consultationBefore we can design a custom training program to maximize success, we need to make an initial assessment of your situation and understand your symptoms. This initial consultation with a Neurofeedback Practitioner is free of charge and without obligation, and can be done face-to-face or over the phone.

To book your initial consultation, or to ask any questions about the process, please call  (801) 686-9334  today. Always happy to help.

At the start of a training program, your Neurofeedback Practitioner will discuss your goals and symptoms. Your Practitioner will then develop a customized training plan for your specific symptoms and goals.

The Neurofeedback sessions

Each 55 minute training session (30  to 50 minutes of actual Neurofeedback) will take place in the caring hands of expert practitioners. The session will always begin in the same way with your Practitioner asking you about how you are feeling and if you have any feedback from the session before. He will be particularly interested in your sleep patterns as these indicate how well the training protocol suits your individual needs. Attaching the electrodes You will then sit in a comfortable chair, and because we need to measure your brainwaves, electrode sensors will be attached to your head. This involves cleaning the scalp with an alcohol swab and attaching the sensors with a special paste, similar in consistency to Vaseline, but water soluble. As the session progresses, the sensor positions may be moved to provide feedback in different parts of your brain. The activity measured by the electrodes will give information on how well your brainwaves are doing and will give you and your brain feedback about this. This feedback is provided through the use of video, audio and if you choose, touch. You can choose your method of feedback from session to session, but usually people settle on a preferred method. There is a choice of methods for receiving feedback. Neurofeedback sessionThere are video games that respond to your brainwaves, from very simple ‘pong’ type games to car racing and jet ski games. You can also choose from a range of documentaries, TV shows or music videos, or bring in your own DVD. The video will go faster, louder or bigger when the brainwaves are working well. When your brainwaves aren’t working well, the video will go slower, softer and images will get smaller. As you relax, the brain is able to ‘tune in’ to the feedback and adjust in response. This all happens subconsciously, which means you don’t consciously try to direct the brain one way or another, but just relax and allow the brain to use its own ability to self-regulate. Throughout your session, your Practitioner will check how you are feeling and will adjust the training plan as necessary. At the end of the session the sensors will be removed, your Practitioner will make notes, and you will be free to get on with your normal day.

Neurofeedback is a safe and effective brain training technique

Having electrodes attached to your scalp can be a concern for some people. We can assure you there is nothing to worry about. There is no pain and no risk whatsoever. The equipment is only there to pick up and record the normal activity of your brain, there is no transmission of any signal into the brain. Obtaining information directly from the brain and providing feedback straight back via the senses, in real time, is what makes Neurofeedback unique and so successful.

To book your initial appointment, or to ask any questions about the procedure, please call BrainTrainUT today at (801) 686-9334.

More Questions ? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page:  Frequently Asked Questions.

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